SERMON NOTES (Sept 25, 2016): Family Business - Neh 5:1-13

Family Business
Neh 5:1-13

I.                   The Way a Family Complains (5:1-5)

          A.    EXP. Hunger (vv. 1-3): “Great Outcry”, “Eat & Live”, “Famine”
ILL. Spiritual Hunger – unsaved loved ones; physical hunger among church family.
          APP. When family is hurting, we should hear (Ps 37:25)
          B.     EXP. Bondage (vv. 4-5): “borrowed money”, “forced into bondage”, “belong to              others”
           ILL. Spiritual Bondage – sin in the camp; financial bondage to debt in church                 family.
           APP. When family is enslaved, we should free (Luke 4:18)

II.                 The Way a Family Contends (5:6-11)

          A.    Anger (vv. 6-8): Righteous Indignation?
1.     Internal Consultation – lit. my heart consulted in me
2.     Interpersonal Contention – rebuke
ILL. Cf. Ps. 69:9; John 2:17
APP. What do you do about anger between brothers?
          B.     Assembly (vv. 8-11): Biblical Confrontation?
1.     Sayings – two questions: Practical & Theological
2.     Silence – no answers
APP. How do you confront sin in the family?

III.              The Way a Family Covenants (vv. 12-13)

A.    The Goal of Restoration (vs. 12) –       The Promise
B.     The Ceremony of Restoration (vs. 12) – The Oath
C.     The Accountability of Restoration (vs. 13) – The Amen/ Witness

SERMON NOTES (Sept 11, 2016): A Godly Man's Look at Facing Bullies - Neh 4:1-23

A Godly Man’s Look at Facing Bullies
Neh 4:1-23

Intro: Moment of Silence – 9/11
Problem of Bullying in America: School, Politics, Work, Church (Society vs. Christian) – Excess: Eating a poptart gun; Trump2016 in chalk @Emory makes students hide in dorm & seek counseling bc their safe space was violated.

***Other Problem of Misidentification of Bullying: Bully vs. Masculinity (ie. Brute vs intelligent)

EX. Captain America – getting beat up “I can do this all day”

I.          A Godly Man Recognizes the Action of Bullying (4:1-5)
ILL. First Bully – Satan- adversary/tempter (Ps 49:10 The stupid and the senseless alike perish and leave their wealth to others. Prov 12:1 But he who hates reproof is stupid. Is 19:11 The advice of Pharaoh’s wisest advisers has become stupid. Idea is “I can’t reason through this, so I will force something to happen”
•          Exhibitions of Anger – furious, very angry  (1a) Childish- didn’t go my way
•          Exclamations of Mockery (vv. 1b-3) VERBAL
Feeble – mocked strength
In a day – mocked timeline
Dusty, burned – mocked resources
Fox jump – mocked integrity
•          Execution of Prayer: Imprecatory (vv. 4-5)
On their heads
Give them up
Do not forgive
ILL. Speeder = “hope he gets arrested”
     APP. A Godly man should train himself to recognize the first signs of bullying. DEPENDABILITY

II.        A Godly Man Hears the Adages of Bullying (4:6-14)

•          Demoralizing Seditions- Conspiracies
Internal sayings (vs. 10)- Not enough strength! how do you lift up the demoralized within the body of Christ? Hope: Ps 42:11 – why are you downcast o my soul? Put your hope in God!
Enemies’ sayings (vs. 11) threatened murder!
Jewish neighbors sayings (vs. 12) too many to fight!
ILL. Vance Havner: You can be so wary of getting out on a limb that we never go up the tree.
•          Determined Stations (vs. 13)
Prayer – men in the exposed lowest parts (What is exposed & vulnerable in this congregation?)
Guard – families armed (How well armed are our families? Need weeklong discipleship)
•          Defending Savior (vs. 14)
APP. A Godly man should help others recognize that regardless of the hall-talk and table-talk there is a Jesus walk that weighs much more in spiritual warfare. DEFENDABILITY

III.       A Godly Man Makes Assignments against Bullying (4:15-23)
·        Division of People according to Task (16) ½ with shovels; ½ with spears
·        Completely Arm regardless of Task (17-18a) Builders with a open-carry-permit
·        Trumpet-heralded Rallies between Tasks (18b-20) Know preplanned places
·        Tasks in Shifts (day/night -21-22) labor vs guard
ILL. Church should have regular prayer ministry for warfare. Names named. 24 prayer ministry. 7:14. Prayer chains; prayer meetings. Don’t worry about style or mood; just pray & be ready to get up & fight. Prayer that doesn’t lead you to work or fight was just a one-sided conversation. Never was an encounter with God where something wasn’t immediately asked to do afterward. Rise & walk; go & sin no more; launch into deep…
APP. A Godly Man does something about the threat of bullying. DURABILITY – I can do this all day. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Phil 4:13.

Conc: Be a Godly man

SERMON NOTES (Sept 4, 2016): A Godly Man's Look at Fixin Stuff - Neh 2:9 - 3:32

A Godly Man’s Look at Fixin Stuff
Neh 2:9-3:32
Introduction: Labor Day – Work
Men: asking for directions; assembly instructions-> IKEA pictures. Nehemiah gives a detailed narrative of the Jerusalem wall reconstruction and in doing so, he gives a picture instruction for fixing discipleship.
      1.       A Godly Man Inspects with Discretion (2:9-16)
“When you inspect, others may object”
Biblical Text:
·         Physical Condition of Premises (vs. 13)
·         Spiritual Condition of People (vs. 15)
Practical Action: Total Ministry Audit
Prov 25:2 - It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.
Prov 18:13 - He who gives an answer before he hears, It is folly and shame to him.
Deut 13:14 - you shall investigate and search out and inquire thoroughly. If it is true and the matter established that this abomination has been done among you
2 Cor 13:1; Matt 18:16 -  Every fact is to be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses.
2 Tim 2:15 - Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.
·         Impartial – Eyes (open mind; facts weighed objectively)
·         Confidential – Lips (care in disclosure)
·         Transparent – Hands (open about steps in process and opportunity for feedback)
ILL. 2 Snakes – are we poisonous? I bit my lip!
Finances, Sins, Counseling, Considering a Move – Will of God – inspect the situation & bite lips.
Spiritual Truth: Satan (Enemy)
·         Not omniscient
·         Not allowed everything
APP- Disciple a man with confidentiality and full investigation with discretion.
      2.       A Godly Man Inspires with Dedication (2:17-20)
“When you inspire, others may conspire”
Biblical Text:
·         Initiated Devotion (17-18)
·         Invoked Rejection (19-20)
Practical Action: Experience vs Expertise- you can be experienced in failure.
Heb 10:24- let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds,
Spiritual Truth: Power of Unified Mission, Clarified Need, Testimony

APP. Disciple a Man with inspiration from your life of ups and downs.

      3.       A Godly Man Instructs with Delegation (3:1-32)
“When you instruct, others will construct”
Biblical Text:
·         Knowing what to do – 10 Gates
·         Knowing whom to employ – 10 Groups
Practical Action: Ministry in the Local Church
2 Tim 2:2 – 4 Gen.
Acts 19- Saturation Evangelism of Ephesus because of 12 disciples of Paul.
Spiritual Truth: 10 Gates of Discipleship
1.       Sheep= personal salvation (divide sheep from goats)
2.       Fish = soulwinning, fishers of men (follow me, and I will make you)
3.       Old = old truth, traditions of God (things you heard me say, all that I’ve commanded you)
4.       Valley = discipleship in difficulty; low places (yeah though I walk; how to fall & get back up)
5.       Refuse/Dung = Repentance, separate yourselves from the latter
6.       Fountain = cleansing – sanctifying work of Holy Spirit; practical sanctification
7.       Water = God’s word – water of word (Eph 5:26)
8.       Horse = spiritual warfare – weapons not carnal (Prayer)
9.       East = Lord’s return, eastern sky = live in eschatological expectation
10.   Inspection = Bema seat; judgment of good works; rewards

APP. Discipleship is not a spectator sport. When you disciple a man, walk with but delegation responsibility for discipleship to others.